A Beautiful Hug - May 2018

A Beautiful Hug - May 2018

About a month ago I sat down to review submissions for the very first recipient of A Beautiful Hug. I sat in tears over your beautiful words, my heart breaking over the struggles of fellow women then bursting to see how loved each and everyone was. I truly believe that no matter how isolated we feel, none of us are ever alone. There is always someone out there loving us, thinking of us, and wishing they could somehow ease our pain.

Making a selection was impossible - I wish I had time and resources to honor every single nomination - but we pressed on and reached out to Rebecca to begin working on a surprise to honor her mother. 

If you've been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you'll have seen some time-lapse clips of the progress on the scarf (and if not, you can go check them out here and here). I've always felt that when you buy art, you're buying the wealth of emotion that went into its creation as well. That couldn't be more true for this piece. While working on it, I kind of meditated on the love caregivers pour out, the emptiness that can often be left behind, and the words Rebecca shared about her mother. I can only hope she feels that love when she wears the scarf.

This weekend, Rebecca presented her mother with her custom scarf and her "I am loved" necklace from One Thing Lockets

We're already hard at work on this month's piece. Don't forget to nominate the women in your life who could use #abeautifulhug <3

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