A Beautiful Hug

A Beautiful Hug

You know those beautiful souls who are just beyond pleasant, kind, and a complete joy to talk to? I met one this past December at a holiday market. Talking with Cindy and her friend was one of the highlights of my day and they filled me with such a positive energy. Cindy's friend and I talked her into her very first silk scarf (and she was incredibly patient with my awkwardness as I showed her different ways to wear the scarf!), and she walked away a convert :)

It made my day a couple months later when she reached out to let me know how much she was loving her scarf, and she touched my heart in a very different way a couple months after that. 

Cindy's cousin, Teri, is currently battling ovarian cancer and Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. In March, Cindy messaged me about creating some custom scarves in ovarian cancer teal and breast cancer pink for them: a little something special as they walked their paths with heads held high. 

As I worked on these pieces, I was struck by the impact a simple silk scarf could have. Something beautiful, something luxurious, something unique...especially when created just for you because someone loves you and thought about you. As each of us fights our battles, it can be so easy to fall into isolation. We can feel alone. Forgotten. And a hug from someone who loves us can make those feelings disappear, even if just for a while. But a custom scarf can be wrapped around her any time she needs that reminder. That love. That warmth.

And so, #abeautifulhug was born. If you know a woman who is struggling for any reason, please share her story with us (the story and names are confidential unless we are given permission to share; we understand these battles are private). Each month one story will be selected for a custom hand-dyed silk scarf. In addition, Setareh at One Thing Lockets is joining us and will be adding in a custom hand-stamped I Am necklace (aren't these gorgeous?)! One Thing Lockets also has their own mission to give back and help isolated communities, including giving 10% of proceeds to Postpartum Depression prevention.

Do you know someone who is struggling? Whether she's battling illness, depression, loss, or isolation, we want to share #abeautifulhug with her. Please help us share and spread the word!

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